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Power Hour



WHAT: To learn about the Pen Pal Program 

WHERE: On zoom 

The Pen Pal Program Power Hour event is an opportunity for teachers/educators to get an exciting sneak peek into Project Power Global’s Pen Pal Program. The event will give the opportunity to educators whose students participated in the event to give an exclusive perspective on how the program impacted their students and what they learned. The founder and CEO Arissa and the Director of the Pen Pal Program, will also speak more in depth of the program. At the end of the event there will be a short Q&A period!


Featured Guests: 

  • Dr. Arief Ebrahim ( Principal, Pen Pal Class of 2021) - Dr. Arief Ebrahim is a well-versed scholar and practitioner in the area of Educational Leadership and School Improvement. His work as a school principal allows for some keen grass-roots insights regarding the value of relationships focused on achieving targeted outcomes, while incorporating a humanistic approach to his leadership practice. 


  • VIDEO MESSAGE- Roli Verma (Educator, Pen Pal Class of 2021)- Educator and Teacher at Aasraa Trust. Aasraa Trust was established as a social work trust focusing on education of underprivileged children in 2009, in response to a crisis for intervention for the welfare of children from the riverbed slum under the Bindal bridge in India.

Thank you to everyone who attended and contributed to Pen-Pal’s PowerHour! 

If you happened to miss the event, the video recording is above and on our Youtube page!

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