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The Project Power Executive Team works collaboratively to run the organization. Portfolios include social media, events, and communications. As we are a youth-led organization our team ranges from youth ages 13-25. 

WE ARE HIRING!! Stay tuned for information regarding open positions.


We are looking for volunteers to assist us with running our Pen-Pal Program (once it is finished being developed.)  If you are someone who might be able/interested in supporting us with this initiative please fill out the form below.

In addition to our Pen-Pal volunteers we are always eager to invite regular volunteers on the team! If you are someone interested in helping us occasionally with different initiatives, this is for you! In addition, this opportunity is PERFECT for individuals who are passionate about our mission, def want to support us, but have many other commitments on the go! Does this sound like you? 

By signing up to be a volunteer (Pen-Pal + Regular) you will join our database of interested volunteers and will be contacted when we are in need of support! You may not be contacted right away.

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Become an Ambassador

The Power Agents Program is Project Power Global's ambassador program dedicated to notice, recruit and connect the world's youth passionate about education and PPG's mission. With the program, we aim to build a global, authentic and safe community for youth to interact, learn and take action about the lack of access to quality education and the power it has to alleviate poverty in developing communities.​

Become a PPG (Project Power Global) Power Agent (Ambassador) today! Join our community Discord server to become a Power Agent, with no minimum or maximum amount of ambassador tasks you must complete. Help increase awareness about PPG's mission, events, and initiatives by completing ambassador tasks while gaining Power Agent Points and volunteer hours for your work. Anyone can become a Power Agent as long as they are passionate about diversity, education, and preferably bring a youth perspective. Fight poverty through education, take 5 minutes out of your day to become a Power Agent.


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