The purpose of this campaign is to create a community of students around the world, to be able to find a connection within this unprecedented time for everyone. PPG is 100% run by students and we know how incredibly challenging this time has been. We have lost out on several important things. For some events like graduation, the first day of a new school year and more. For others, the opportunity to see friends/family face-to-face at school, and just being free.

This campaign starts with YOU! We need your help to fill out a short survey on your experience with Covid-19 in relation to your education. Our goal with this is to share diverse stories of young people from around the world about their experiences studying in this new normal.  As we collect responses, we will publish them on our website and social media. We hope that reading stories will make people feel less alone, and encourage them to never stop believing in their dreams!

CovED Survey

Anonymous submissions welcomed! (To be stated at the end of the survey)


Unsinkable Youth has partnered with PPG on this initiative, they will be sharing your stories as well!

Want to share about the CovED Campaign on your social media? We've developed a google folder kit with media designs and captions for you to use: