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Welcome to Project Power Global (PPG), a registered non-profit organization based in Canada! We are on a mission to spread awareness about lack of access to education, and help solve the problem, by directly supporting communities in need. Our ongoing pledge is to work with stakeholders to ensure, by 2030 no child is left behind.

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Did you know?

67 M

primary-school-age children are still denied the right to education.

226 M

children do not attend secondary school.

500 M 

students have lost out on education due to the COVID -19 pandemic.

773 M

adults of 2018 remain illiterate 

Squad Updates

As of April  2022

Events Squad

The Events team is working on a promotional event for the Pen Pal program that will provide insight into its basics and how to register. It will be available for all teachers and educators to attend and will have an opportunity for questions. Stay tuned through our newsletter or social medias to learn more in the coming weeks!

Pen-Pal Squad

The Pen-Pal squad has been working hard to relaunch the Pen-Pal Program bigger and better than before! We are recruiting individuals who are experts in the topics chosen to teach by video for the Pen-Pal Program! And soon something exciting will be announced so keep checking PPG’s website, instagram and newsletter!

Social Media Squad

The social media team is currently working on rebranding PPG and creating regular content for our platforms. We want to create a space where you can learn about world issues involving education and find out what each squad is working on with this “Squad Updates” section on our website. We’re hoping to bring you more interactive and fun content in the near future.