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On this page, you can discover our current projects! If you would like to explore the initiatives and projects we've already completed, click the button below:

2023 Grief Event with Unsinkable Youth

Join us for a fun & powerful YOUTH-LED virtual event that explores the diversity in which youth experience grief & the supports available.

Date: January 29th 2023 

Location: Online

Time: 5:00pm - 6:00pm


PPG is having our second annual halloween fundraiser. This year, it will feature pay what you can pumpkins and hot chocolate for $1.50 + candy. It is at 124 Hillhurst Blvd in Toronto, Ontario on October 23rd from 3-6pm. The funds raised from this event will go towards our fundraiser for schools in India/Nepal and Afghans learn English. Please come and support!

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This summer our founder Arissa Roy travelled to India and Nepal to film a documentary on behalf of Project Power Global to highlight education in developing nations. She witnessed the ongoing inequity that exists within the current education systems around the world. During her trip, she was able to document stories from youth most impacted by the poor educational infrastructure that exists in rural communities. 


Although the documentary will create a more permanent impact via awareness and calls to action, immediate support is still required!


So today, help us raise funds to improve learning tools for Koseli foundation and Door Step School Students in Pune, access to scholarships for students at Mahatma Gandhi School in Pune, and programs at Door Step School Mumbai! 


Your donation will help students immediately but will also create a ripple effect of change in the world. 


List of Beneficiaries: 

- Door Step School Pune 

- Door Step School Mumbai 

- Koseli Foundation Nepal 

- Mahatma Gandhi School Pune 


* All funds raised will be divided amongst the 4 schools/organizations listed above that were highlighted in the film. 

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Pen-Pal Program

We connect students, in developed and developing parts of the world, to learn about different ways of life, to foster a friendship, to teach one another, and to help each other. 

Our Pen-Pal Program is a 5-week educational experience like no other.  Every week we do a lesson in partnership with 5 other organizations around different topics including: period poverty, climate change, racial injustice, mental health awareness and more. Then following each session students will be paired up with another to discuss the issue at hand, and ways we can start taking action! 

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