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Digital Devolve

We are so excited to announce our newest and biggest project yet, Digital Devolve (digital - technology , devolve -  transfer or delegate power to a lower level )

Stemmed out or the notion that education is becoming more and more digital, as well as the fact that since the rise of COVID-19, remote learning is out of reach to about 500 million children globally according to the UN, we have decided to launch a project to make our leaders LISTEN, ACT, and CHANGE. If we believe all people should have access to education and opportunity, having access to technology is the first step to creating our vision.

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Pen-Pal Program

We connect students, in developed and developing parts of the world, to learn about different ways of life, to foster a friendship, to teach one another, and to help each other. 

Our Pen-Pal Program is a 5-week educational experience like no other.  Every week we do a lesson in partnership with 5 other organizations around different topics including: period poverty, climate change, racial injustice, mental health awareness and more. Then following each session students will be paired up with another to discuss the issue at hand, and ways we can start taking action! 

Researching and Writing
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The Shoebox project

Announcing our holiday initiative... We are so excited to be partnering with @shoeboxproject for our Winter holiday event. Click down below for more details - register to make a shoebox by December 13th! 

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More coming soon... 

*Due to COVID-19 some of our programs have been put on hold. The list above is of the ones which are still active.