CovED Campaign

The purpose of this campaign is to create a community of students around the world, to be able to find a connection within this unprecedented time for everyone. PPG is 100% run by students and we know how incredibly challenging this time has been. We have lost out on several important things. For some events like graduation, the first day of a new school year and more. For others, the opportunity to see friends/family face-to-face at school, and just being free.

This campaign starts with YOU! We need your help to fill out a short survey on your experience with Covid-19 in relation to your education. Our goal with this is to share diverse stories of young people from around the world about their experiences studying in this new normal.  As we collect responses, we will publish them on our website and social media. We hope that reading stories will make people feel less alone, and encourage them to never stop believing in their dreams!

Ignite fundraiser

The IGNITE Fundraiser! A PPG Event! Hello everyone, we’re kicking the year off with a brand new event: IGNITE! This will be our first fundraiser in support of Plan International! It will be virtual on January 31st from 11pm to 1am EST. The main attraction will be playing Jeopardy! We are going to be searching for contestants to play a Jeopardy game on the topic of lack of access to education. There will also be a speaker, a performer and interactive activities! We will be streaming the event on our YouTube channel.


We connect students, in developed and developing parts of the world, to learn about different ways of life, to foster a friendship, to teach one another, and to help each other. 

Our Pen-Pal Program is a 5-week educational experience like no other.  Every week we do a lesson in partnership with 5 other organizations around different topics including: period poverty, climate change, racial injustice, mental health awareness and more. Then following each session students will be paired up with another to discuss the issue at hand, and ways we can start taking action! 

Researching and Writing


Today having leadership skills is as important (if not more important)  as knowing how to add and subtract, because soft skills like communication and mindset are what ALL people will use for the rest of their lives no matter what they are doing. It is what helps turn individuals into change makers. We at PPG are dedicated to ensuring quality education is delivered to all people everywhere and that is what inspired us to write the “leaders of change” booklet. Written by students for students. this guidebook is filled with strategies and tips proven by our team on how youth can become the best version of themselves. It also includes fun activities to evoke reflection and action. Our goal is to reach at least 100 students in developing communities as well as anyone interested in reading it. To request the booklet, please contact!

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More coming soon... 

*Due to COVID-19 some of our programs have been put on hold. The list above is of the ones which are still active.