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Meet the team

Interested in joining our team of activists? Or volunteer at our events and programs?

Our Story

Back in 2017 when founder Arissa Roy went on a trip to India with her family, she was struck by the sheer poverty and lack of access to education. She says "Living in Toronto my whole life I have never been exposed to extreme poverty before. It was an immediate shock and one which I will never forget to see children my age and even younger begging for basic necessities of life. Ever since that trip she I fighting for access to education because I believe that is the answer to alleviating poverty. And PPG is one of the ways I am doing this."

Learn more about Arissa's work on Instagram : @arissa_roy

Our Pillars

Random Acts of Kindness



At PPG we believe in the power of RAK's. No matter how big or small, every act you do makes a difference. We supply children suffering from extreme poverty with the essential tools they need to succeed in their education. This is just one small action. But the impact is amplified drastically. 

PPG was started out of a vision to see a world where every child has the opportunity to get quality education no matter where they live. Through connecting students around the world via a pen-pal system, we enable them to foster a connection, learn from one another, and help each other.

No matter how big this world is, at the end of the day, we need one another to flourish. PPG's goal is to collaborate with many organizations and individuals to achieve our goal! 

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