Digital Devolve

Our world is continuing to evolve. Day by day. Hour by hour. And unless we are all equipped with the tools we need to be strong citizens, contributors, and leaders in the world, we have no future.  That is why, we are so excited to announce our newest and biggest project yet, Digital Devolve (digital - technology , devolve -  transfer or delegate power to a lower level )


Stemmed out or the notion that education is becoming more and more digital, as well as the fact that since the rise of COVID-19, remote learning is out of reach to about 500 million children globally according to the UN, we have decided to launch a project to make our leaders LISTEN, ACT, and CHANGE. If we believe all people should have access to education and opportunity, having access to technology is the first step to creating our vision.Now, this is a huge problem effecting people in all corners of the world, so you might be wondering what is our POA (Plan of Action).

We have divided this project into 4 main phases: awareness, outreach, action and change.​ In each of the phases, we have planned many activities , conversations and events to take place to engage as many people as possible including YOU! We know that together making a difference is possible!

We are currently in the first phase: Awareness

The percentage of individuals using the Internet in each country in 2016: