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Project R.E.A.C.H Event
Thank you to everyone that helped to make this a reality and to everyone that attended and made this event a success!

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Join us for an unforgettable night of FUN and FUNDraising for Project R.E.A.C.H—an initiative by Redefined, Project Power Global, and the Walkway School! This family-friendly event offers tote-bag painting, games, impactful activities, food, music, and a mini thrift station. All ages, backgrounds, and gender identities are welcome. Let's raise awareness about the global education crisis and support our project in Pakistan. Together, we'll make a lasting difference!

What is Project R.E.A.C.H :

Project R.E.A.C.H is a two year initative with a goal to construct three schools in Pakistan by 2024. To date, over 20 million children accorss the country remain without access to this basic human right. We want to redefine the future the students we serve by providing them with access to quality education that they rightfully deserve. By building schools in marginalized communities, we strive to bridge the knowledge divide and break the cycle of poverty.

Why should you contribute:

Whether you are a parent, student, teacher, or hold /identify with any other label, education impacts you. It is the foundation for positive change and a brighter future. When children have access to schools, they not only gain knowledge but also develop critical thinking skills and creativity, empowering them to address the world's most pressing challenges. By investing in education, you are investing in global progress and the ripple effect of change.

Where is the money going: 100% of your generous contribution will help us raise $8,000, which will be allocated towards constructing new schools and equipping them with essential resources such as classrooms, libraries, educational materials, and technology.

About the Partners:

The Walkway School, is an established institution with a proven track record of ensuring the highest quality of education. Project Power Global is a globally recognized non-profit organization dedicated to empowering communities through education initiatives. Re-Defined, is a social enterprise that contribute its expertise in sustainable development and education to ensure long-term success.

Note: All funds raised will be used exclusively for the construction and development of schools in Pakistan.

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