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A "POWER ambassador is someone who is passionate and believes in the mission and 

A "POWER ambassador is someone who is passionate and believes in the mission and 


Ishaan Shah

Youth Activist

Ishaan Shah is a 17-year-old award-winning human rights activist from the UK. In 2016, he founded Stolen Dreams, an anti-slavery organization that acts as a bridge between young people and some of the greatest human rights issues of our time. As an intersectional activist, Ishaan also addresses a number of other global issues including gender inequality, climate change, LGBTQI+ rights, poverty, access to education. Ishaan has spread his message widely through social media, television, articles, blogs, podcasts, public speaking and teaching lessons at schools. By working with young people, politicians and business professionals, Stolen Dreams is taking action to ensure that every human being has access to basic human rights.


Urvi Agarwal

Youth Activist

Hey there! I’m Urvi Agarwal, a change maker, creator and ambassador at the Power Project! I’m the Founder of Curious Case of COVID, an international, youth-run, nonprofit organisation that strives to curb misinformation by sharing information about the coronavirus pandemic whilst raising interest about various economic, social and political subjects. Our aim is to curb the spread of misinformation, which has quite literally, taken over our lives. We use our platform to discuss topics which mainstream media would generally overlook and work on a number of campaigns and projects globally. We are an amazing community of writers, designers, researchers, readers and thinkers; and aim to spread awareness and start a revolution!

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Youth Activist

Hi! My name is Belkıs, I am a Highschool student from Istanbul Turkey. I am just a person who likes trying new things, besides that I am passionate about inequality, which is caused by poverty, that mainly occurs by factors like materialistic differences or uncontrollable realities like birth country. I have been attending UNs and JMUNs for that matter and debated about it. Right now, I am working on my clothing brand that I will be launching. I am working on and planning to attend university in United States.