PPG's Power Agents Program

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PPG's Power Agents Program is Project Power Global's ambassador program dedicated to notice, recruit and connect the world's youth passionate about education and PPG's mission. With the program, we aim to build a global, authentic and safe community for youth to interact, learn and take action about the lack of access to quality education and the power it has to alleviate poverty in developing communities.

What is a PPG Power Agent?

A PPG Power Agent is a change-maker who believes in the power of unity, education, and PPG’s mission. They are someone who enthusiastically donates their voice, platform, and ability to spread awareness alongside PPG to increase the impact of our initiatives and create change in the world.


Power Agents help steer the movement!

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Traits of a Power Agent

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  • 13- 18 years old* (it can depend on the achievements or interest of the applicant).

  • Reside anywhere in the world

  • Committed to PPG's mission

  • Fluent in English

  • Able to dedicate AT LEAST ONE hour a week to PPG.

  • 300+ followers on AT LEAST ONE relatively active public Instagram account* (it can depend on the achievements or interest of the applicant).

  • Good communications skills and the ability to gather feedback and provide innovative insight.

  • Enjoys cultural diversity: they're open minded, respectful and curious to establish relationships from other cultures and learn from them.

What does a PPG Power Agent do?

A PPG Power Agent assists PPG with raising awareness about the organization and the issue of educational inequity through the following:


Why should I apply?

The many benefits of becoming a PPG Power Agent are:

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How do I apply?

To apply, scan the QR code below and complete ALL PARTS of the application form. The deadline to complete it is OCTOBER 4th, 2021. 


PPG will review your submission to determine whether you meet the criteria to become a PPG Power Agent. If so, we will contact you through the email address and/or social media profile that you provided in the form.

Do you know someone who seems like a good fit? 
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