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PPG Recharge 2021

IT'S THAT TIME OF YEAR! We are so excited to launch our PPG 2021 Recharge project, an annual review of Project Power Global.
PPG was started in 2020 by @arissa_roy as a way to advocate 📢 for equitable and accessible education 📚 for all. We aim to emPOWER ✊🏽 everyone to fight for education, primarily the younger generation, so that we can take a step forward to tackle some of the world 🌎 greatest issues like poverty and climate change 🌳. The first step to seeing sustainable change is by being educated 🧠
Each year in December ❄️our team comes together 💬to review our yearly goals, and compare them to what we have achieved. Not to mention planning for the next year. We call this process a “Recharge” 🔌 because, in order to emPOWER, we need to review and reset.

Our founder, Arissa Roy, has also put together an annual recharge report:

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